#ReloRant: A Measured Approach

Lighting Up your Business Scoreboard A Lively Conversation with Steven John, CPA, SCRP, SMS-T, HomeServices Relocation President and CEO Pearson’s law states that, “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” – Karl Pearson, father of the modern science of statistics From a psychological perspective,… Continue Reading

The Relocation Pricing Paradox: Q&A with Steven John

As the global landscape created by COVID-19 continues to evolve, organizations that rely on employee relocation programs have been challenged in new and unprecedented ways. From contending with travel restrictions to navigating shifting government regulations, mobility professionals have had to act swiftly in response to the needs of their distributed talent. With so much complexity… Continue Reading

#Unstoppable, #Unwavering, #Unrelenting!

Words inspired by Warren Buffet describe the consumer solutions focus of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ CEO, Chris Stuart and his team of real estate professionals in the August 2020 issue of RIS Media. An inspiring example of the dedicated leadership behind the success of all HomeServices companies. Alan Dalton, Senior Vice President of Research and Development… Continue Reading

Follow the signs and exit now to HomeServices Relocation and PEACE OF MIND!

Have you seen our advertising campaign? Inspired during a long commute to the office, HomeServices Relocation’s new advertising campaign captures the metaphor of an easily traversed road with one simple turn in the right direction, leading mobility professionals to the desired destination – “peace of mind.” A business decision can be compared to driving any… Continue Reading

#ReloRant: The Hard-knocks of Lump Sum Programs

Lump Sums and other four-letter words A Lively Conversation with Steven John, CPA, SCRP, SMS-T, HomeServices Relocation President and CEO Lump Sum Only programs Per the 2020 Atlas Corporate-Relocation Survey, 26% of relocations are Lump Sum Only programs, where the sole benefit provided is a lump sum amount. For larger companies, over 50% provide a… Continue Reading

Welcome to HomeServices Relocation

Relocating for a new job or assignment is the start of an exciting journey, but it can also be stressful.  Even good changes can be a little scary.  That’s why HomeServices Relocation is dedicated to providing the best guidance and support to our transferees.  When a company partners with us to manage their relocating employees,… Continue Reading

Is Your Mobility Policy Keeping Pace with Your Business Goals?

As the old saying goes, “the only constant, is change.”  Business operates in an ever-changing environment.  Changes in markets, technology and regulation create a shifting landscape that must be navigated by business leaders to ensure the success of the organization.  For mobility professionals, the policy is the framework we use to navigate our environment.  As… Continue Reading

BBB Study: The Real Risk of “Rogue Operators” in the Moving Industry

An in-depth investigative study by Better Business Bureau (BBB) finds that scams are widespread in the moving industry, particularly when it comes to interstate moves. BBB receives an average of 13,000 complaints and negative reviews about movers each year, with many complaints describing how experiences with dishonest moving companies have turned into financial and emotional… Continue Reading

#ReloRant: Are you Obsessed with Time?

A Brief History of Time (with apologies to Stephen Hawking) A Lively Conversation with Steven John, CPA, SCRP, SMS-T HomeServices Relocation President and CEO People are obsessed with time. We “save time,” we “lose track of time,” sometimes we have “all the time in the world.” Time is given various qualities; “time is money” and… Continue Reading