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HomeServices Relocation consultants are here to help your business manage the details and added strain of employee moves. Our relocation services are personalized with every move. Our experienced consultants are actively involved every step of the way and relieve the stress employees and employers feel during the moving process.

  • Homesale Program Management
  • Destination Mortgage Program provides a wide range of home financing options
  • Marketing Services to help sell homes quickly
  • Home Disposition services to minimize expenses
  • Equity Funding so employees can quickly purchase new homes
  • Travel Services

  • Inventory Management support from experienced realtors
  • Community Reports to assess expectations for relocation
  • Homeowners’ Insurance licenses in all 50 states
  • Familiarization Tours for families to find the right community
  • Policy Counseling and Development
  • Pre-Decision Support

  • Expense Processing and Tax Assistance Calculation
  • Rental and Temporary Living property research and assistance
  • Spouse/Partner Career Assistance and acclimatization programs
  • Shipping and Moving Household Goods domestically and internationally
  • Group Move Management

Managing a Successful Relocation with Pre-Decision Support

The primary goal for talent management is to ensure the right people in the right place at the right time. A goal made even more difficult when relocation is part of the equation.

Whether recruiting from the outside or enticing an experienced player to take on a new role, transferees have many questions about relocation benefits and the destination location that must be answered.

Utilizing HomeServices Relocation’s (HSR’s) Pre-Decision Services during the offer period helps candidates make informed decisions, leading to higher acceptance rates and work engagement. Pre-decision counseling works to alleviate concerns, address objections and demonstrates the employer’s attention to the care and well-being of the transferee and their family.

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We Help You Develop a Relocation Policy

We Help You Develop a Relocation Policy

Many businesses lack a formal relocation policy. It is more important than ever to ensure relocation expenses are authorized by policy and properly documented. If there is a policy in place, we analyze it, recommend enhancements and cost-saving measures and suggest revisions to match current best practices.

We Organize Expenses

HomeServices Relocation - We Organize Expenses

Documenting and controlling relocation financial transactions, paying employees and service providers, processing the funds, and calculating tax gross up can be a time consuming process for company personnel. Our expertise allows us to work efficiently with payroll and accounting departments to ensure compliance with IRS requirements.

We Provide Benchmark Surveys

We provide Benchmark Surveys

We provide policy benchmarking with other companies and comparisons with industry standards and trends in the market. This allows your company to compare your policies with other organizations’ policies and determine if your relocation benefits are competitive.

An amazing experience using HomeServices Relocation. Took so much stress off of us during this transition. I would especially like to say that my consultant was invaluable in keeping the process moving – she was fabulous” – Transferee from an Electric Utility Company

We Are Expert Relocation Consultants

Expert Relocation Consultants

As relocation services have become more complex, few in-house personnel are experts on all facets. Consequently, outsourcing relocation has become critical as companies look for ways to reduce costs and become more effective. In performing all the functions of a corporate relocation department, HomeServices Relocation consultants personally administer your relocation policy to assure your employees are quickly settled in their new location while keeping your costs in check.

We Understand Your Relocation Needs

We Understand Your Relocation Needs

We’re an extension of your Human Resources Department – large enough to handle multiple transactions yet caring enough to provide a personal touch to each move. There is only one way to accomplish this: working one-on-one with you and your transferee and making sure that every requirement is met promptly and efficiently. A dedicated consultant assists your employees with every aspect of the relocation process. Our relocation consultants act as a personal advocate for transferees while ensuring that the company relocation policies and guidelines are observed. We handle the day-to-day tasks, allowing your personnel to focus on other priorities.

We Manage Group Moves

Relocation Group Moves

Our goal is to help your company manage group moves which can be disruptive and costly. We manage all aspects of the process with a focus on employee retention and cost efficiency. We will conduct a needs analysis, design a one-time relocation policy, and handle all aspects of a detailed project plan and communication effort. HomeServices Relocation will ensure your employees and their families are involved and the communication lines remain open each step of the way. History has shown that involving employees and families early in the planning process creates a positive relocation experience.

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