As the global landscape created by COVID-19 continues to evolve, organizations that rely on employee relocation programs have been challenged in new and unprecedented ways. From contending with travel restrictions to navigating shifting government regulations, mobility professionals have had to act swiftly in response to the needs of their distributed talent. With so much complexity abroad, organizations should be able to rely on their relocation management companies (RMCs) to manage their programs simply and reliably—but many fall into the trap of pricing models that only increase costs and tax burdens. HomeServices Relocation has shifted the paradigm, adopting a new pricing approach that delivers a more transparent and efficient mobility program.

Steven John, SCRP, SGMS-T, President and CEO, HomeServices Relocation, addresses the reasoning behind HomeServices Relocation’s decision to develop a mobility pricing methodology that better serves the need for financial transparency and efficiency, relieving clients from increased costs and tax burdens.

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