The Top 10 reasons you should hire a Relocation Management Company to oversee an employee’s relocation

The benefits of working with a Relocation Management Company, regardless of volume, are evident in increased employee productivity, enhanced recruitment and retention, tax compliance and reduced financial risk.

Without a professional relocation counselor, transferring employees with lump sum only benefits will inevitably have questions as they try to navigate the time and resources needed to plan and schedule their own move.

As an HR professional, you will be the first person the employee calls for support. The employee’s excited and happy smile from the day he or she accepted the offer are gone. HR professionals must now conduct research for the employee and manage their move. Other HR department priorities are placed on hold.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The Benefits of Working with a Relocation Management Company

Take employees anywhere your business moves

HomeServices Relocation is here to help your business manage the details and added strain of employee moves. Our relocation services are personalized with every move. Our experienced consultants are actively involved every step of the way and relieve the stress employees and employers feel during the moving process.  Learn more about our services here.

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