The Paradox of Relocation Pricing

As part of HomeServices Relocation’s True Partner plan, “The Paradox of Relocation Pricing” describes how traditional relocation industry pricing creates conflicts of interest inconsistent with the fiduciary responsibility and standards of care required by clients of a professional Relocation Management Company (RMC).

HomeServices Relocation is proud to be leading the industry with an alternative pricing structure that ensures your relocation partner is working to contain costs not increase them.

What is TruePartner?

Aligning with and advocating for our clients’ best interest, TruePartner is HomeServices Relocation’s new series of insight on mobility topics that matter most to your business.  The mission of TruePartner is to promote unbiased information and decision making and deliver clear analysis and advisement that truly benefits your relocation programs and processes without favoritism or conflicts of interest…

…from the relocation industry’s most trusted partner.

Learn how traditional RMC revenue models needlessly increase gross-up costs for employers

In this analysis, Steven John, SCRP, SGMS-T, President and Chief Executive Officer, HomeServices Relocation, examines how changes to taxation on household goods (HHG) shipments and expense reimbursements or payments reveal potential for higher gross-up costs for employers. In this report you will find:

  • Recommendations for making sure commissions and rebates are not included in taxable reimbursements.
  • Methods for achieving cost-containment goals for your relocation program.
  • Up-to-date definitions of tax rulings.

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